Recognitition of prior lear

Claim credits for your previous Work Experience.

Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL is a facility for a learner to claim exemption from some of the assessment requirements of a regulated qualification by producing evidence of prior knowledge or experience in a specific discipline. This feature is particularly beneficial to professionals looking to obtain formal credentials in a chosen area of expertise in which they already possess knowledge, experience & skills.

Work Experience

RPL is the recognition of non-certified learning towards full unit or qualification. You can now use your last 3 years' experience transferred into qualifications.

Recognising Learning

Evidence portfolio-based, assignment based and 'summative assessment' interview-based options to assess your prior learnings to issue credits

Quick Turn-Around Time

Receive your assessment and credit for the qualifications within 30-45days of applying. Partial RPL from qualification can Fast-Track your certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get full exemptions of all the units in a qualification?

Exemption depends on Equivalency which is the transfer of credit from a unit, or units, from within the recognized qualification framework; to be counted as an Equivalency a unit must have the same credit value (or greater) and be at the same level (or higher) than the unit, or units, to be claimed. Equivalencies appear on the certificate sans credit value. Prior experience, corroborated with evidence, will also be considered for exemption.

What is the procedure for RPL?

The six-stage procedure involves considering and pursuing a claim for credit and supports through the assessment result.

Stage 1 – General awareness about claiming credit: Information, advice & guidance. 

Stage 2 –Pre-assessment: Gathering evidence & giving information

Stage 3 – Assessment/documentation of evidence

Stage 4 – Awarding Credit

Stage 5 – Feedback

Stage 6 –Appeal

How long does it take?

The average time for processing an RPL is between 3-4 weeks.